Luis Calderin

Creative Director - OKAY!! OKAY!!

With a career-focused at the intersection of youth, culture, and politics, Luis has proven to be creative marketer with serious experience building campaigns that ignite conversations and shift cultural narratives. Calderin owns an operates OKAY!! OKAY!! Marketing & Creative, a right-sized studio in the heart of Burlington, VT. He has had Senior Brand Marketing positions at brands and organizations such as: XQ Institue, Rock The Vote, Bernie Sanders 2016/2020, Burton, Fox & American Eagle Outfitters. An Afro-Latino Dad, DJ, Rider, Runner, Veteran, Strategist, Activist, Curator, Friend and Dreamer of Dreams, Committed to leaving it better than he found it.

9:00 am

Tuesday Oct 6th

The Complexities of Conscious Capitalism: How You and Your Brand Participate in Polarizing Times

Luis Calderin and Zach Weisberg discuss the challenges and significance of how you and your brand can constructively participate in the most polarizing topics of our time.
• Can social media engagement yield productive results?
• The 3 Ps of 2020: Pandemic, Protest, and Politics. How they're unavoidable.
• Increasing participation is the minimum. Creating opportunity is the way forward.
• What can you control? Focus on that.