This was supposed to be the year.

Youth culture and action sports would shine on a global stage. 

We would bear witness to events decades in the making as skateboarding and surfing brought renewed relevance to the Summer Olympics by showcasing our athletes and their lifestyle.  The influence of our industry’s brands and personalities would impact “the mainstream” more than ever.    Progression from highly skilled professionals would push beyond what was once imaginable as the world watched.  Content developed by young creatives would spread virally across all platforms and devices. 

Then things came to a sudden halt.

In a new norm, words like “pivot, transform and adapt” have become part of our lexicon.  Real discussions of what’s next have taken center stage.  How can retail survive?  What will competitions look like?  How can our brands remain authentic to our consumers?  And how as an industry can we once and for all address diversity and inclusion on all levels?

ASC Action Sports + Culture returns at a critical time.  Our goal is to unite all parts of our industry and culture while addressing why our lifestyle and sports are more important than ever.  How in times like these we can persevere, using our past experiences and creativity to thrive.  We will collectively come together from across global borders to find real solutions to move forward.

Join us to be part of the conversation.

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