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'93 Til

A photographic journey through skateboarding culture in the 1990’s

by Pete Thompson

To be a skateboarder today is a much different experience than it was for much of the 1990’s. The photographs, quotes and anecdotal text in ’93 til captures a time in skateboarding when making a livable income as a professional skater was a luxury and public understanding of skateboarding was at a all-time low. It was a time when skateboarding was searching for an identity, a time before Instagram and big corporate influences. Street skating was coming of age, testing its limitations and aligning itself with a new and innovate style of hip-hop culture that was emerging. Looking back, many skaters today feel as though the 90’s were the golden years of skateboarding. ’93 til is a captivating portal into a decade and a culture that is remembered with warmth and nostalgia.

Much of the photography that Pete has unearthed for ’93 til was buried in boxes for close to 2 decades and hasn’t been seen or published before. The 242 page book also contains several timeless images from his years shooting for SLAP and Transworld Skateboarding Magazine that will be familiar to the initiated. In addition to his stunning action shots are plenty of portraits and unguarded, candid moments that span from the late 80’s up through 2004. The book reveals a raw, unapologetic perspective of a world that no longer exists.

Also included in the book alongside Pete’s imagery are quotes and anecdotes from legends like Tony Hawk, Arto Saari, Jamie Thomas, Guy Mariano, Nyjah Huston, Geoff Rowley, Stevie Williams and others.

Pete moved on from his career in skate photography in 2004 and is currently living in Brooklyn NY working as a commercial lifestyle, portrait and action photographer.

Skate Filmers Shirt

Peralta . Ternasky . Rosenberg . Jonze

by Ricki Bedenbaugh

I got my first skateboard on Christmas day in 1985. I grew up watching videos like Powell Peralta’s “The Bones Brigade Video Show” and “Future Primitive,” along with H-Street’s “Shackle Me Not” and “Hokus Pokus” and who could forget Blind “Video Days.” These are just a few videos my friends and I would watch religiously before and after going skating.

In 1991 I bought my first video camera, it was an RCA VHS-C, and I would film my friends around Pensacola, Florida, trying to emulate what we saw in the videos, but it never looked nearly as good. Long story short, this shirt is my way of thanking Stacy Peralta, Mike Ternasky, Jacob Rosenberg, and Spike Jonze for all the years of inspiration and creativity they brought to skateboarding. It’s because of them I bought my first video camera, and almost 30 years later, I’m still pushing that little red button.

Thank You,
Ricki Bedenbaugh

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ThingsSeenAlongtheWay5 (1)

Things Seen Along The Way


by Jared Souney

Hardcover. 8.5″x11.” 404 pages (including cover), inside pages printed on heavy, uncoated stock. Full-color printing throughout, featuring more than 360 photos. Includes two A5 sized prints (Joe Rich from 2000, and Ralph Sinisi, also from 2000) also in a limited edition of 250, signed and numbered corresponding to the book.

This book weights five pounds. It is big. It includes a selection of photos, taken over a twenty year period, all centering around BMX bicycle freestyle.

Jared Souney is the former Associate Editor / Photographer for Ride BMX Magazine (1999-2001), and has since contributed to magazines and media outlets around the world, including BMX Plus, Freedom BMX, Chase BMX, Transworld BMX, Snap, Ride UK, Dig, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, and many others, both as a photographer and writer. The book includes a selection of both published and unpublished photos.

“This book follows the BMX that I lived for the last several decades, focussing on the period which I was most involved in producing content. These are friends I made along the way.”

Sealed for radness.

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Peace Collection

Autotype Design Club
by Alyasha Owerka-Moore

Designed by Alyasha Owerka-Moore, PEACE stands for Please Educate All Children Equally. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of PEACE apparel benefits STOKED, a non-profit that uses action sports to create opportunities for under served youth. Grab a tee and help make a difference.

About Autotype Design Club:
We believe design should be beautiful, timeless, thoughtful and inclusive. That’s why we created this community – a space for seasoned vets, newbies, fans, tastemakers, and mavericks alike-to celebrate design from all angles.

We dig deep into the stories and inspirations behind our favorite brands in the Autotype Design Club. In our marketplace, we curate everyday lifestyle products that are functional, beautiful, and timeless- from the pencil we sketch with to the coffee table book in our living room and the chair in our office. But we’re also looking to the future. Through our Emerging Designer Scholarship, we offer financial support and mentorship to design students so they’re empowered to pursue their unique visions and cultivate new concepts for the next generation.

Each aspect feeds into our ethos of amplifying designers’ work, sparking dialog within the community, and giving space and support to the designers coming up right now.

Autotype is design – powered by community.

Black Skaters Matter Shirt


froSkate is a BIPOC, femme, NGC, LGBTQIA+ concentrated skate crew based in Chicago. Empowering these communities through skateboarding, community building, activism, self-betterment and de-stigmatization are just a few foundations of our organization. As a movement, we seek to increase diversity within the skate scene, and encourage folks all over the world to create space for themselves where they are typically underrepresented.

Sales from the Shirts benefit this amazing organization.

Iconic Snowboarding Prints

by Trevor Graves

Own your own print of snowboarding’s iconic images, photographed by Trevor Graves.

Trevor Graves has the privilege of being one of the pioneers of snowboarding photography. Chasing snow in the era of snowboarding’s most phenomenal growth– 1988-2000– TG went around the world and back again more times to count. Along the way he framed shots of Jeff Brushie, Craig Kelly, Jamie Lynn, and countless snow brands. In 2000 he won the Crystal Awards, the action sports photo shoot-off held in St. Mortiz, Switzerland. Co-founder of Nemo, he is currently at the wheel of Portland’s most recognized brand communication shops.

8×10: $50 each.  16×20: $100 each.   24×36: $250 each

  1. Jeff Brushie – Melon to Fakie at Stratton Mt., VT 1992 
  2. Jamie Lynn – Baker Road Gap at Mt Baker, WA 1997
  3. Craig Kelly – POW at Loveland Pass, CO 1992
  4. Craig Kelly – CRAIL at Stratton, VT 1991
  5. Dave Downing – Wire Walker at Las Lenas, Argentina 2000
  6. Bryan Iguchi – SHIFTY at Squaw Valley, CA
  7. Trevor Andrews – Burton 2000 Catalog Cover at Valle Nevado, Chile 2000
  8. Natasza Zurek – CHEESE WEDGE at Valle Nevado, Chile 2000
  9. Scott Clum – Frontside Air at S. New Berlin, NY 1985
  10. Mount Jefferson and the Cascade Range, Flying over Salem OR 1995

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