Rad Season : Matt Barr

 Rad Season : Matt Barr

Matt Barr is a journalist, business owner, podcast creator and host of the Looking Sideways Podcast

Growing up in the UK, Matt has been involved in action sports media since the mid 90’s. He became the Editor of Whitelines Snowboarding Magazine and was writing about snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing as a freelance journalist for action sports publications and national press. A decade later he set out to start his own marketing agency, All Conditions Media, working with brands in the outdoors, adventure and action sports space. 

In 2017 Matt created the Looking Sideways Podcast where he chats to action sports athletes and industry personalities. 150 episodes in he has just released the first Looking Sideways book. He has also calibrated with Patagonia on Type 2, a podcast about activism in action sports and the outdoors.

Tune in to find out how Matt started off in journalism, running his own agency, podcasting and what future projects he has in store. 

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