Tom Rinks

Founder, Sun Bum

A serial entrepreneur from an early age, Tom Rinks is currently the President and Creative Director of Sun Bum, a skin and hair care lifestyle brand he founded with a couple of friends in 2009. Sun Bum was acquired in the summer of 2019 by SC Johnson, but continues its mission and operations from its Moonlight Beach headquarters in Encinitas, California. Prior to Sun Bum, Tom co-created DeLeon, a high end tequila brand that was purchased In 2012 by hip hop mogul P. Diddy and spirits industry giant, Diageo. In the late 2000’s, the Los Angeles jean brand, Rock & Republic, recruited Tom to lead design of their flagship store in Beverly Hills and co-create the brands successful launch into cosmetics. Beyond founding other successful brands that range from collegiate apparel to Wall Street algorithms, Tom is also responsible for creating award-winning marketing campaigns for his companies and clients, the most famous being the “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” Chihuahua commercials in the late 90’s.

9:00 am

Tuesday Oct 6th

SDSI “Ask the Founders”

What does growth look like? Where does the money come from? When to grow and why? Get your growth questions answered directly from the mouths of the founders who have experienced growth in all forms; from acquisition to rapid e-commerce growth and everything in between. Join Joe Kudla, Founder of Vuori; Tom Rinks, Founder of Sun Bum; and Kate Nowlan, Co-founder of GRACEDBYGRIT for an interactive discussion and Q&A session facilitated by Bob Rief, Industry Veteran and Executive Director of SDSI.