Devin Weber

CEO, Braille Skateboarding

Devin Weber is the CEO of Braille Skateboarding.  She has a background in accounting and tax preparation.  In 2013 Aaron Kyro asked for her help managing the finances for his new company, Braille Skateboarding.  Her role evolved to running the YouTube channel, moving up to CFO, then VP of Operations and in 2019 she was promoted to CEO to free up founder, Aaron Kyro, to focus on future projects and maintaining his skateboarding skills.  In her seven year with the company she has helped build Braille Skateboarding from a scrappy start up to an expanding company with the largest skateboarding channel on YouTube and a toy line in Target and on Amazon.

12:20 pm

Tuesday Oct 6th

Devin Weber & Jeremy Vest - Braille Skateboarding

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