Aaron Levant


Aaron Levant’s multi-faceted interests have taken him in myriad directions. His work has drawn the attention of savvy investors and notable partners and collaborators from all walks of the entertainment sector, from film and music, to sports, art and fashion including Pharrell Williams, Jimmy Iovine and Marc Ecko. His drive to innovate is rivaled only by his intellectual curiosity and ability to access and mine the creative community.  After successfully founding, launching and partnering on several notable business ventures, Levant has partnered to establish NTWRK (which officially launched in Fall 2018); a platform that reimagines the intersection of entertainment and commerce. Levant’s extensive experience in this fast-evolving and diversified eCommerce space has attracted significant support and catalyzed an audience eager for a system both perfectly suited for the millennial generation and unlike any other. Levant’s inherent understanding of the importance of connection, both intrapersonal and on a larger community level, and unbridled passion for creation, has enabled him to help redefine the landscape. Through editorialized content, exclusive products and unique content from notable figures in pop culture, NTWRK has established itself as an aggregator of influence. Levant led NTWRK’s first foray into outside investments with eSports collective FaZe Clan, the most well-recognized organization in the wildly popular gaming lifestyle space. Both the investment and *exclusive online distribution agreement set NTWRK on a path not only to grow its audience, but also to position the platform at the center of the new media conversation. Previously, Levant founded Agenda (the highly venerated lifestyle trade show) at the age of 19 and grew the burgeoning business into a nationwide event with over 1,000 exhibitors participating. ComplexCon – a two-day event experience (launched in 2016) that brings together an expertly curated collection of live performances, the latest products, panels featuring cultural tastemakers and more – was a joint production and collective effort between Levant, Marc Ecko and Complex, and which garnered critical acclaim across industries. It continues to sell out each year, and has attracted visionaries and artists such as Takashi Murakami, Virgil Abloh and Jaden Smith.  Levant lives and works in Los Angeles, where NTWRK is headquartered.

10:20 am

Tuesday Oct 6th

Aaron Levant - CEO, NTWRK

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