Rad Season: Darren Berrecloth

 Rad Season: Darren Berrecloth

Darren Berrecloth aka ‘The Claw’ one of the pioneers of Freeride Mountain Biking

In the next episode Oli Russell-Cowan chats to professional Canadian mountain biker Darren Berrecloth otherwise known as ‘the Claw’. Hailing from Parksville, British Columbia, Canada. Berrecloth exploded onto the freeride mountain bike scene as a punk kid with a third in Red Bull Rampage 2002. He is one of the world’s leading mountain bikers and pioneers of the sport bringing insane tricks into the backcountry.

Pushing the limits in freeriding and competing, taking on crazy lines that other riders wouldn’t consider.  Berrecloth’s sheer determination and resilience saw him returning to riding competitively in 2012 after breaking his back in 2011.

Traveling around the world has seen Berrecloth taking to the screen in ‘Where The Trail Ends’ and ‘North of Nightfall’ in search of the biggest rides and biggest lines. He also keeps busy designing mtb courses such as the Bearclaw invitational on Vancouver island.

Tune in for some of Claws best big mountain stories and some of the craziest moments from Rampage, Crankworx and freeriding around the world.

Action sports enthusiast and event guru Oli Russell-Cowan is the host of Rad Season’s podcast. Growing up in London skating down Thames River bank, surfing waves in 40+ countries and going to festivals and events since he was 15, Oli worked in the event and action sports industry all his life and founded Rad Season in 2016. 


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