Rad Season: Alistair Gosling

 Rad Season:  Alistair Gosling

Alistair Gosling, CEO and Founder of EXTREME International 25 years on.

In this episode Oli Russell-Cowan chats to investor, entrepreneur and founder of EXTREME Alistair Gosling.

With a passion for extreme and adventure sports Alistair set out on a mission to build a TV distribution company and in 1998 at the age of 27 he had created The Extreme Sports TV Channel which was televised in more than 60 countries worldwide and by doing so The EXTREME brand franchise was born.

Today, EXTREME spans across events, media, marketing and real estate. Alistair sits on the advisory board of Qiddiya, an entertainment mega project being developed in Saudi Arabia. He is also an investor of Medshr.net the award winning app for Doctors to share and discuss clinical cases. Alistair is still an extreme sports fan and regular skier, diver, pilot and sailor.

Tune in for some of Alistair’s best and worst stories over the years running EXTREME and what he sees for the future of action sports and adventure sports media and industry.

Action sports enthusiast and event guru Oli Russell-Cowan is the host of Rad Season’s podcast. Growing up in London skating down Thames River bank, surfing waves in 40+ countries and going to festivals and events since he was 15, Oli worked in the event and action sports industry all his life and founded Rad Season in 2016. 


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