Mark Waters

Executive Director, IASC / Go Skateboarding Foundation

Mark Waters is a lifelong skateboarder who was ousted from on-board relevance by the new wave of progressive street skaters of the early nineties. Realizing that his future in skateboarding would be focused on sharing it with other skaters, he found posts at TransWorld, Thrasher, Woodward, TumYeto, Sole Technology, and USA Skateboarding, allowing him to write, shoot photos, advocate for and design public skateparks, produce videos, and create renowned events that have helped shape the current skateboarding environment. In 2018, Mark was tapped to produce the Tenth Skateboarding Hall of Fame event, which led to his current role as Executive Director at IASC and Go Skateboarding Foundation.

11:40 am

Monday Oct 5th

Don Brown & Mark Waters - IASC and Go Skateboarding Foundation

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