Justin Wilkenfeld

Co-founder & CEO, Kindhumans

Justin Wilkenfeld’s parents brought him up to work hard, play hard and always give back. These are core values that were imparted at an early age and have largely defined the career path and personal journey for Justin. With a degree in history and minor in social anthropology from UC San Diego, Justin has always gravitated towards supporting people wherever he can. This has come through a dedicated work ethic during his 7 years at TD Ameritrade and 10 years at GoPro as well as in volunteer work with organizations like SurfAid or the Redford Center.

When Justin joined his friends at GoPro in 2007 as just the 4th employee, he focused on developing early grassroots sports and lifestyle marketing initiatives which evolved into high-profile sponsorships and brand partnerships. With a passion for storytelling and multimedia, sports and the outdoors, Justin was able to build teams and strategic partnerships that were fundamental to the viral success of GoPro. These included ambassador and event sponsorships, media production, social media community growth and content distribution designed to amplify and grow the GoPro brand into a household name. Along the way, Justin also led two product launches, assisted with general business development, and supported company culture initiatives for the company. In his final role at GoPro as the VP of Brand Integrity, Justin was part of a team that created the GoPro for a Cause program designed to leverage the media, marketing and social media power of GoPro to elevate awareness for various non-profit organizations with a goal of inspiring donations.

After moving to a consulting role with GoPro in 2017, Justin has leveraged a diverse personal and professional background to provide strategic marketing consulting and advisory services to philanthropic enterprises with a mutual goal of furthering positive social and environmental impact. This has inspired the formation of a new business venture called Kindhumans started by Justin and his wife Suzi. The mission is to promote and elevate kindness, conscious consumption and always giving back by building a media company and marketplace focused on sustainable, eco-friendly and purpose-driven products.

Beyond a strong philanthropic desire to help people and the planet, Justin hopes to promote a positive narrative of storytelling inspired by what he calls a “world of kind humans” that are the positive role models making a positive impact every day through their individual, business or non-profit endeavors.

On the personal side, Justin loves to be in the outdoors enjoying time with his family and friends. An avid surfer, snowboarder and someone that simply enjoys spending time in nature, Justin ultimately wants to participate in creating a positive future for generations to come.