Mat Hoffman

CEO, Hoffman Bikes

Mat "Condor" Hoffman embodies the true spirit of innovator. An icon in the sport of BMX Freestyle, Hoffman invented more than 100 revolutionary tricks and is, without question, the greatest Vert-ramp rider in the history of the sport. Hoffman’s unparalleled accomplishments as a rider are equaled by his success in
the business world. By the age of 20, Hoffman started both Hoffman Promotions (now Hoffman Sports Association) and Hoffman Bikes – two companies instrumental in building the sport of BMX Freestyle to the stature it is today. The Hoffman Sports Association (H.S.A.) is the organizing body for BMX Freestyle events worldwide, such as ESPN’s highly coveted X Games and all international X Games bicycle stunt events, and produces dynamic demos and entertainment shows for clients such as Universal Studios and Six Flags. As well, Hoffman is the founding and current President for the International BMX Freestyle Federation (IBMXFF), the global sanctioning body for BMX Freestyle. Hoffman is highly regarded as a producer and director of several television series including “Mat Hoffman’s Evel Knievel Tribute” (for MTV) and “Kids in the Way,” “HBtv,” “Mat’s World” and “Mat Hoffman’s Crazy Freakin’ Bikers Series” (for ESPN). He has also made appearances or performed in films such as all the Jackass films; “Keep Your Eyes Open,” produced by Tamra Davis and starring
Spike Jonze; the Imax film “Ultimate X” and “Triple X.” A documentary featuring Hoffman’s tenacious quest for high air, entitled “The Birth of Big Air,” directed and produced by Jeff Tremaine, Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze and Hoffman, himself, was released July 2010 on ESPN.  In 2015, he was a contributor and producer for “Being Evel” (documentary on Evel Knievel), was nominated for a 2017 Emmy Award, and the 30 for 30 biography on Nick Piantanida entitled “Angry Sky” – both in conjunction with Jeff Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville.  Hoffman is the CEO for Hoffman Bikes and continues to build the sport of BMX Freestyle with a variety of events worldwide, including the aspiration to bring the BMX Freestyle World Championships to Oklahoma City. Hoffman still enjoys riding and dreaming up new ways to test danger with favorite pastimes like skydiving, paragliding and paramotoring. Only Hoffman knows what his future holds. As he said during his speech at the Action Sports and Music Awards, accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award, “I feel like I’m just getting started. Here’s to tomorrow.”

1:20 pm

Tuesday Oct 6th

Mat Hoffman - BMX Legend & CEO, Hoffman Bikes

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